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Raegan Buckley 


I've been shooting for 10 years and have found what I love shooting the very most.
These are the fields I am passionate about and specialize in!


Engagements, anniversaries, or just because. These are easily some of my favorite photos to capture. For me, taking pictures of you and your significant other means so much more than getting those perfectly planned moments. It's about hanging out and having fun in front of a camera. So if you want to hang out with me and make some magic with your favorite third wheel, click the button below.




A day that is completely and totally about celebrating you two and your love for each other. Your wedding day is so much more than the 24 hours you're allowed; It's celebrating the beginning of a life long journey. & I will be with you every step of the way if you let me. This isn’t going to be a day of staged, awkward feeling, forced smiles and poses. You aren't my client, you are my friend and I intend to treat you like one. So lets capture the real love stuff, together.

*Special pricing available for elopements and destination weddings*

Seniors, Families, Maternity, Boudoir, you name it. If you have a life event that you want beautifully captured, this if for you. I want to create an experience for you and your loved ones that you will love and cherish forever.




Branding | Editorial

Rebranding, lookbooks, catalogs, and product shoots are something I’m passionate about and have loved exploring over the past year. These projects are given custom quotes so they fit exactly your wants, needs, and budget.

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