I'm so happy you are here!

My full name is Raegan Buckley Snell. I bet you're asking yourself, "why does she go by 'Buckley'?" Well to answer that question in the easiest way I know how, I choose to go by my middle name because I have hopes to get married in the future & eventually change my last name without branding myself as a "Snell" forever. And in 2015, Raegan Buckley Photography was born!

I currently reside in Northwest Arkansas, where I received a degree in marketing and Journalism AD/PR at the university of Arkansas. Woo pig! My life long passion is to hang out with the coolest people and capture photographs they will cherish for a lifetime.

I have a big love for reading, traveling on long road trips, watching Netflix (New Girl, Vampire Diaries, The Office, you know? All the basic white girl shows), planning the cutest picnics with the greatest of friends and seeing all the beautiful things God put on this earth for us to enjoy!


My job is to not only capture the loud, but the quiet also. I adore the untraditional, all about you, laid back wedding days. If you’re down to get a little mud on your shoes, some wind in your hair, watch an epic sunset, hike a mountain, hop a fence or two, make our own adventure, or listen to some epic tunes along the way, we will get along just fine! 

Meet my cute boyfriend + bestfriend, Garrett, who is also quickly becoming a better photographer than me. No seriously, sometimes he really shows me up & I am so lucky if he has the time to accompany me as my second shooter. If you're ever curious who takes my personal photos.. ding ding ding!! 9 times out of 10 it's this sweetie!

He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and works as a commercial real estate broker! 

But enough about me! I can't wait to learn more about YOU! This is a teeny snippet of my life and I can't wait to see the friendship we will form when you press that contact button. :)

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